Empty Buildings of Nothing

I’m at that point in my life where I can’t seem to take myself to church on Sunday’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jesus and have an exciting, faith rocking personal relationship with God where He constantly challenges me to be obedient and bold in my faith.

That aside, its the Sunday services that are just killing me. It’s going to ‘that’ building with those leaders that seem to bathe daily in a pool of religiousness! Every time I walk into that building we call church, I am confronted with compassion-less, love-less ‘Christians’ trolling out empty worship to an equally empty building. Where there should be peace, joy and acceptance, there is hate, jealousy, bitterness, judgement and the relentless gossip.

Sadly, this is true for many churches across the globe which is driving out Christians by the droves. It has gotten to that point that if you do not fit into that perfect little facade of what a Christian should look like, then you get shown the door. You either change how you are to fit into ‘church standards’ or you take your worship somewhere else. Never mind that the Holy Spirit is changing you from the inside and using you to disciple and spread the gospel in your spheres of influence. No. At church its all about appearance and what the ‘church’ will think of you.

I am equally to blame for the state of the church. As Christians, we tend to pray for the salvation of those out there in ‘the world’, as we rightly should; but in the process forget to pray for ourselves as a church. And so, just as he is so good at, the devil comes in and steals, kills and destroys our place of worship, until it is beyond recognition. And by the time those that we pray for finally have an encounter with Jesus, and come to where they think they will find more of Him, at their local church, they are greeted with…nothing.


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