The Decadent Lifestyle – The Adastra Superyacht

ImageAlmost a year after its launch in China, and I still can’t get over this $15m superyacht, owned by billionaire businessman Anto Marden. Imagine, the Adastra is so high-tech that it can be controlled up to 50 meters away with an iPad!  Now, for me, the iPad itself is pretty high tech on its own, but controlling a yacht with one is just another whole ball game on its own!

Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate technology and advancement and all that jazz, but $15m for a stupid boat! Okay its a yacht, granted, but it’s just so completely…useless. Yes I know its his money so he can spend it however the hell he wants to, and he did make his fortune in the shipping industry, so spending (wasting) money on a yacht would probably make sense if you were a billionaire looking to throw your mullah around.

So whats so special about this superyacht (apart from its luxurious interior design)? Well lets see.

For one it took 5 years to plan and build. The hull is built from glass and Kevlar which is pretty impressive since Kevlar is super strong. It can get up to 22.5 knots at its max, and at 17 knots it has a range of 4000 nautical miles. That’s enough for a trip from Beijing, China to Cairns, Australia without stopping to refuel!

It’s pretty massive too, measuring 42.5 meters in length, 16 metres in width and weighs 52 tons, and has space for nine passengers and 5-6 crew members. A 3rd world country would fit 500+ people in there but that’s just me and my happy thoughts!

If you want to get technical for all you techie freaks out there, then here’s some tidbits that you might appreciate:

Length – 42.5 metres
Beam – 16 m
Hull Draft – 1.12 m (1.6m to tip of rudder)
Main engine – 1x Caterpillar C18 -1150 hp @ 2300 rpm
Outrigger engines – 2x Yanmar 110hp @ 3200 rpm
Generators – 2 x 36 kw custom in the outriggers linked to 110 Hp Yanmar engines, and 1x 26 kw Northern lights in main engine room
Non crew – 9
Crew – 5 to 6
Displacement light – Fully equipped and full stores and crew, no fuel and no water – 49 tonnes
Displacement cruising max – (normal operational load) 15000 litres fuel – 64.8 tonnes
Displacement ocean passage max – (only for occasional long ocean passages) 32000 litres fuel – 77 tonnes
Speed max – 22.5 knots
Range at 17 knots – 4000 miles
Fuel consumption at 13 knots – 90 litres per hour.
Fuel consumption at 17 knots – 120 litres per hour


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