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We all know who “that guy” is in your seminary class. He’s the one who can’t resist the opportunity to ask a question or make a comment. He’s the one trying to show he knows more than the professor, and perhaps more than the apostle Paul himself. He’s the one who thinks that your class of 40 students is really just his personal independent study that everyone else is observing.

How can you avoid being “that guy” in your class? And, as importantly, how can you spot “that guy” in class and snuff him out?

Southern Seminary dean Randy Stinson developed this chart (pdf) designed to guide students on when they should ask questions or make comments in class so that they avoid being “that guy”:

Question and Answer Flow Chart

Dr. Stinson distributes this flow chart to his courses each semester. For the sake of your class’s sanity, maybe you should too. Brought to…

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