Google Launches Google Fiber – Now An Internet Provider

I have to admit, I’m a big Google fan. So when the mega giants launch a new product, I’m one of the eager beavers queuing up to get my paws on them. Good news just in, they’ve launched a new product today!

If you’re looking for the full Google experience, then you may not have to wait for long. Google has just launched Google Fiber, where we not only are able to access the internet at 100 times faster than today’s broadband (or so they claim), but we will also be able to access all our favorite TV channels (see full list here)! How cool is that?!


If that’s not enough, customers get the new Android tablet, the Nexus 7, free with the Google Fiber package! In addition, customers will be able to access to Google Fiber all over their homes by directly connecting to one of the four 1 Gbps Ethernet ports, or by accessing the high-speed Wi-Fi, and stay safe with the gigabit firewall.

On top of all that, with 2 terabytes of storage, customers are able to record all their favorite TV shows without worrying about having enough memory or storage. Even better, you will be able to add your own music, photos, and videos, and access them from any connected device in the house.

Unfortunately, this service has at this point only rolled out in Kansas, USA, with the first 2 lucky cities being Kansas City, KS and Kansas City MO. The focused roll-out is due to the scale of the ground work activity needed to get this product out on the market, with the Google Fiber team installing fiber optic cables in the various neighborhoods.

Here’s a video from the Google Fiber team about what to expect from their installation team:


For prices and packages, as well as pre-registration, go to Google Fiber for more information.

Don’t know about you all, but I can’t wait for these guys to come to my neighborhood! In the meantime, check out the Google Fiber Offices:

The Google Fiber Space
Fiber in Action
Attend Free Fiber Events
Fiber Café
Toy Car World







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