What Could Be The Real Reasons For The UN Coalitions Humanitarian Intervention In Libya?

By Kiti Bolea

I’m just going to go ahead and touch on Libya again.  This post is in response to a readers comments in a previous post, Operation Odyssey Dawn Begins – Is This A Prelude To WWIII?, and further outlines my stance on the UN’s resolution in Libya, and the coalitions reasons for pushing this interference through.

Fighter jets for UN's coalition forces

Here’s the comment: “You can hardly say the war is about oil then in the same breath that we can’t afford it. War is profitable, that’s the point. The war in Iraq was profitable in terms of the contracts it provided for mostly US companies, its all a racket.

As for China or Russia arming Gaddafi again, I find that highly unlikely. The Royal navy is blockading all the major ports, the coalition controls Libyan airspace. The only surprise was that Germany abstained, but only because they know full well that the operation will be coordinated from US bases on German soil in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, the German public still have a hang-up over war, there are elections coming up which the government stand to lose, but don’t think that if Merkel thought she could get away with it German forces wouldn’t be involved in a heartbeat.
With France its the opposite, the French people want to be relevant again on the world stage, Sarkozy’s popularity was in the toilet before Libya came along, if he gets re-elected now it will be this opportunity to strut his stuff that saved him.

China and Russia always abstain from UN votes sponsored by the west, since 1945. If they were really against resolution 1973 they would have vetoed it. As usual though they just abstain then take the moral high ground, its just hypocrisy. They can afford to take this line because they already have their empires as well as energy independence.”

US House of Congress

“War is profitable, that’s the point. The war in Iraq was profitable in terms of the contracts it provided for mostly US companies, its all a racket.” I agree. The military is paid for by corporate taxes which are returned to them when the government purchases goods for the military. But I maintain that the US government still cannot afford to go to war. That’s a fact. Before Libya, how many times have we heard US politicians ranting on about how the US does not have any money? The dollar is going down the drain and the US is broke. Where is the money coming from to fund this? From the federal reserve which is governed by big banks, who finance these acts of war amounting to billions, then charge back breaking interest on top of that. For tax payers, that’s daylight robbery.

Question: Why can’t the US (or any other government of industrial nations for that matter) just print their own money, instead of borrowing on interest from the federal reserve? Congress has the power to stop this, but they don’t. Why not? Is it too cynical to suggest that they choose to let this slide because of the cut of the action that they get from the federal reserve? Anyway, back to Libya.

Here’s what I think is going on, in addition to those points in my previous post. Not many people are aware, but The Libyan central bank – which is under Colonel Gaddafi’s control – holds around 143.8 tonnes of gold, which is worth more than $6.5bn at current prices. We know the US dollar is loosing its strength thanks to the noose that the banks have tied around the current (and previous) governments neck. Colonel Gaddafi has refused to sell the gold in the international market all these years and has kept it well secured in the country. Now we have this dollar crisis, so drastic measures had to be taken to prevent the dollar from loosing value. This is where Libya comes into play.

Libya's Central Bank

For Gaddafi to continue his hold on power he will need to have finance. Which of course is difficult since the coalition governments have frozen billions of dollars in Libyan assets, and have hit the central banks, sovereign wealth funds and state oil companies with sanctions, in their bid to put a puppet government in place. If they succeed, and I hope they don’t, but if they do, this puppet government will swap their gold for dollars, to make the dollar look very strong. For the US, thats the warm washcloth wipe-off after an orgasm…in other words, financial crisis averted. Now they don’t have to necessarily swap gold for the dollar; any currency from countries under the banks control will do. The point is that the gold (and oil) control will be available for these greedy scoundrels to get their blood stained hands on.

Once again I am no Gaddafi supporter (in fact I loathe the guy and his picture makes me nauseous), but I have to say that it is downright barbaric (or as Vladimir Putin puts it: “It resembles medieval calls for crusades”) that these countries are banding together to kick out the Libyan leader because he refuses to be a puppet to the various banks that control these governments. And once again, its worth repeating, this so called humanitarian intervention is a lie, sold to the public to justify their invasion. Question: Why has the US, UN & NATO moved on Libya when there are so many other nations in this world that also are blatantly committing human right violations and massacres?


I had hoped that Russia/Germany/China would have vetoed the UN’s resolution to allow coalition forces to go into Libya. I can understand why they didn’t.

The only way Gaddafi has a hope of surviving this attack is if he swaps the gold with a country that is not part of this fiasco, such as Iran, who have over the years built their gold reserves as well. But wait, who else would have interest in Libya’s gold without throwing out Gaddafi? Yep, China and Russia. Can you see where I’m going here? China and Russia could have vetoed the resolution if they were truly against international interference. They chose instead just to oppose it, knowing they have something to gain from it. I believe they do not want the overthrow of Gaddafi to eventuate, as it is of no benefit to them. At the same time, they will be there to swap the gold with Gaddafi so that he can continue with his war, and they can strengthen their currency and move away from the dollar.

I also must mention that the US is in billions of dollars in debt to China. The Chinese know the current state of the US economy, and the crisis around the dollar. They also know what’s to be gained by overthrowing Gaddafi (gold/oil), that it will strengthen the dollar, and that will allow the US to continue to pay off their debt. Despite the fact that they oppose international interference with a countries internal affairs, it is not in their best interest if the US dollar looses value, and thus prolong indefinitely the debt repayment.

Angela Merkel

Germany abstained, in my view, because they are the only country that are standing up to these banks, and telling the greedy bastards to go stick it. Angela Merkel has been strongly attacking the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank, saying that the world’s main central banks unconventional monetary policies could aggravate rather than ease the current economic crisis. This show of courage is rare in any leader of a major power player. I suspect that Merkel and Germany opposed the UN resolution due to the fact that they would have recognized and identified those bankers pulling the strings in the background.

I’m still trying to piece it all together, but one thing perplexes me. What will it take for people to wake up and realize what’s happening right in front of their eyes? It’s not rocket science! All the information is out there, all it takes is a bit of digging and some free thinking, without relying on spoon-feeding from media outlets. I’m sure many will oppose the opinions expressed here. Good, because I am open for debate.


2 thoughts on “What Could Be The Real Reasons For The UN Coalitions Humanitarian Intervention In Libya?

  1. Interesting article and I admire your efforts to dig beneath the comic book mainstream news coverage and work out what is happening. The trouble is of course that once you start digging, you realise how much is still a complete mystery hence why so many prefer the comic book.

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