Little Women Tell Off Lil Wayne!

By Kiti Bolea

This week, while going through the latest women bashing rap songs out there, and getting pissed off at some of the disgusting lyrics, I came across this video that made me go “Thank You Ladies!”

These three little girls who make up the group Watoto From The Mile, Nia, Nya, and Kamaria aged 10, 9 and 5, did the cutest thing by sending a lyrical letter to rapper Lil Wayne, titled “Letter To Lil Wayne,” where they questioned his lyrics degrading women and promoting drug use.

Its mild and direct: “This message is for Mr. Wayne. I’m sorry but I must complain about what you do and what you say….People say, ‘Say no to drugs,’ so tell me Sir who should I trust. You or them?…I hear you got a little girl. Does she get the same referral you call the world. Not trying to lean. I hope you call her little queen“.

The group has had a huge amount of support for their part in reaching out to Lil Wayne and the like. Off course there are the haters, dissing the girls and running their mouths off.

Some say their parents used them to make money. I say ‘WHO CARES!’ If you can get a message out, and make money from it as well, then good on you!

Yes, they may be too young to understand what they’re talking about, but they are at the age where their innocence is so refreshing, and is exactly what so called ‘adults’ need, as a reminder that trash talking is just that – TRASH!

Watch the video here:


3 thoughts on “Little Women Tell Off Lil Wayne!

  1. Ok this makes absolutely no sense… so many rappers do this why they pickin on lil wayne? And whoever likes this type of music let them like it? HE’S degrading women why do you care? Just don’t listen to him if it offends you and that’s that. simple as that.

  2. These little girls have a really good message. However to to attack one rapper for his lyrics is unfair. I blame the parents for this. These three girls are at that age where they will say and do whatever their parents will say anything about the world. Like you said and I quote “some say their parents used them to make money. I say ‘WHO CARES!’ If you can get a message out, and make money from it as well, then good on you!” This also contradicts ur blog as rappers can also say they have a message ands long as it sells, they will continue with it. I think penalizing one rapper on what some people say is degrading is not fair at all. Lastly, I think we should look at how is it that with these types of lyrics that degrade women, rappers make millions? Is it the type of market? Are the taste of music changing with the new generation?? Rappers of this genre have been using such lyrics to make money even before lil wayne came on the sene.

    1. Hi plainjoe,

      I hear what you’re saying. Here’s the thing. We give artists this well paying outlet to express themselves, such as in the case of Lil Wayne and his ‘music’. So he goes on trashing, demeaning, and slandering women. And some love him for it. But when 3 kids and their parents dare to speak out about all this trash talk, people hate them for it! Why?

      For team Wizzy, there are thousands of other sites that will grovel at his ‘musical talents’ and dis those that dare speak up. This blog posts intention is to give some exposure to those that have had enough! I am not attacking one rappers lyrics here. Rather I’m supporting the stance that these girls & parents have taken. And I love this 3 little angels and their parents for taking the time to speak their mind in a way that many will understand & appreciate.

      You say you blame the parents. For what? For teaching their daughters that women are queens? For letting them express their artistic talents and gain exposure as well? If anything, their parents have empowered their daughters through this simple act of the lyrical letter.

      Freedom of expression for all! Thanks for your thoughts btw 🙂

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