Chris Brown: Big Blonde Brown Flashing For F.A.M.E!

By Kiti Bolea

All I can say on the matter is that his PR people are doing one heck of a job! Last week he went blonde. This week he is naked and blonde! I wonder what next week has in store for Chris Brown fans.

All you Breezy fans know that his F.A.M.E album is scheduled to be released on March 22. For any PR person worth their butter, they’d have to come up with all sorts of scandalous publicity to sell sell sell!

What’s the latest scandal? Well, apparently Breezy’s ex girlfriend leaked pictures of the butt naked blonde bombshell (haha couldn’t resist) to the media. The picture first debuted on the World Star Hip Hop website.


Two things are clear:

1. He obviously hasn’t got enough paper in his house, and has decided to just draw all over his body (hello tattoos)!

2. If he didn’t make it in the music industry, he would have definitely made it in the porn industry!

I have decided to give him a new nickname: Big Blonde Brown! HA! He should rename his new album: “Flashing For F.A.M.E!”

After the leak, he twitted and then deleted “WTF!!! Here we go!!!“, adding “Stop living for everyone else and live your life” (I’m assuming that was aimed at the person who supposedly leaked the pic), and “Another day!! Another lesson! Another party!! I’m so thankful to have the support of my fans with my music! Love

Of course, whenever Breezy’s name comes up, theres some kind of unwritten code of BS that we have to mention Rihanna! So here goes. I’m pretty sure that somewhere in that blonde head of his, he’s thinking that if she can go full frontal, so can he! Remember when those naked pics of Rihanna did its rounds on the web?

For every hot blooded male celeb out there, they’d gladly rip out their arm with their own teeth than be upstaged by their ex! She dyes – he dyes. She poses in birthday suit – he strips and flashes. She gets a nipple ring – he, ahem, is still thinking about it!

What’s the deal anyway with these celebs publicly exposing themselves. Is the entertainment industry made up of self loving exhibitionists? Theres a condition for people who have a psychological need to sexually expose themselves; its called apodysophilia.

For those of you itching to see the actual picture without the main parts bleeped out, you can check it out here (slow down don’t hurt yourself)!


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