Why Did It Take So Long To Uncover – Illegal Surrogate Baby Breeding Ring?

By Kiti Bolea

Article first published as Why Did It Take So Long To Uncover – Illegal Surrogate Baby Breeding Ring? on Technorati. I published it there first, and here again for my blog readers. Enjoy!

I am usually not one to jump to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story, but with the recent discovery of an illegal baby breeding ring in Thailand, I find myself asking: “Why had these operations gone so long undetected? Did the Thailand authorities know about these operations while choosing to turn a blind eye, or did they really not have a clue?

I find the latter argument hard to swallow. If you’re hazy on the details, last week fourteen Vietnamese women, of which seven were pregnant, were rescued from an illegal surrogate baby breeding ring in Thailand.

Surrogacy is highly common in most parts of the Western world, but in Taiwan and other countries, it is illegal. Which is what led to these criminal masterminds setting up those abhorrent operations in Thailand, with offices in Bangkok, Phnom Penh in Cambodia and Vietnam, where surrogacy is legal, in order to exploit the desires of the infertile.

Thai authorities were able to free the women after a tip off by the Vietnamese embassy that received an email by the imprisoned women. It was then discovered that while some women volunteered their bodies for money, others were tricked into it, where some looked like they had been raped.

After reading about the story, I couldn’t help but check up on the company behind this baby breeding ring: Babe101 Eugenic Surrogate

At first glance, they look legitimate. There’s a section where you can apply to become a surrogate. There’s even a ovum and sperm model section where there are 37 women (yes, I counted) posing as shown below, each identified by a code. It’s all made to look so happy and carefree; an answer to your reproduction nightmare!

After the discovery of the illegal baby breeding ring, the company had the balls to mention on their site that the latest coverage of the company in the media were untrue and that they were victims of false reporting. Unbelievable! So they expect us to believe that those poor women sent the email to the Vietnamese embassy just for the fun of it!

I also find it hard to believe that the people using these services were oblivious to the atrocities going on behind the scenes. Or did they really sit gullibly by, uniformed, waiting for that stalk to fly on home with their new baby, not knowing where it came from or not having any details or contact with the surrogate mother?

Whatever the case, the desperation by all the people involved in this is frightening and saddening at the same time. Those that will do whatever it takes to get a baby and start a family, and on the polar end, those that will do whatever it takes to make money. Even if that means turning their bodies into baby making machines.


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