Live Tweets From The Oscars!

By Kiti Bolea

James Franco was either having one of his ‘creative genius’ moments, or he was high off his face, when he made history at this years 83rd Academy Awards by sending live tweets while hosting.

Fans all over the world (including me, straining my eyes between computer screen and TV) got to see footage that they’d normally never see, with Franco making short clips with his phone backstage, and even walking on at the intro, all the while still recording!

Even though he didn’t win (a stranded traveler is no match for a stuttering monarch), he deserves an award for the host most dedicated to his fans!

Here are a few pics and videos (scroll down to the bottom to watch the videos) taken by Franco, from Oscar morning, to boarding his plane back home right after the awards:

Oscar morning at his hotel.

With his Grandma Mitz and getting his war paint on!

Getting prepped, and backstage before intro.

One of the many pics he took backstage, and videos he posted.

Getting dolled up for his next hilarious stint, and posing backstage with Oprah and Anne Hathaway after Oprah’s presentation.

One of the many times he took out his phone while on stage, and backstage with Billy Crystal after his presentation.

A pic of the stage, and listening in to Sandra Bullock call out his nomination.

Wrapping up after a successful event. By the way, I still think he’s high!

Here are the videos (click to see video):

1) Getting the finishing touches done and tweeting at the same time!

2) Watch as they go on stage at the start of the awards. Really cool!

3) This is when Sandra Bullock was presenting the nominees for Best Actor.

4) During one of the breaks, Anne Hathaway lets the audience know about the power bar under their seats.

5) Franco turns on the recorder on his phone, slips it in his pocket, and goes on stage to introduce Scarlett Johansson and Matthew Maconahay (was it me or did Mathhew look so drop dead boring). It’s mostly just audio here.

6) Chatting with Anne Hathaway backstage about his live tweeting, while presentations are going on on-stage.

7) Getting a hand massage from Anne Hathaway backstage before going on to close the awards.


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