What If The Expendables Were Real? Goodbye Gaddafi!

By Kiti Bolea

Article first published as What If The Expendables Were Real? Goodbye Gaddafi! on Technorati. I published it there first, and here again for my blog readers. Enjoy!

Sometimes I wish certain movies were based on true stories. No, I’m not talking about Twilight! I’m talking more on the lines of The Expendables right now. Why? This would be one heck of a good time to send some elite mercenaries into Libya to take down that psychotic African dictator, Gaddafi.

Sometimes this world needs radical ideas like these to keep the sanity. If, say, such a group did exist, their deployment to Libya would save countless lives.

Question is, who would hire such a group to take down the dictator?

Would the US government, with the help of the CIA, work behind the scenes to send the mercenaries on this deadly mission, whilst keeping a diplomatic, but highly bureaucratic front?

Would the oil magnates secretly hire these assassins in a bid to take back control of the Libyan operations?

Would the UN’s Security Council quietly fund them to bring back some stability?

Whomever it may be, the idea of such a group, and their possible infiltrations, are a million times better than the measly efforts currently undertaken by the international community!

On a related note, recently, Gaddafi’s son Seif, said they won’t allow a ‘bunch of terrorists‘ (referring here to the pro-democracy protesters, not The Expendables) to win! Who is he kidding? I don’t think this guy can even begin to comprehend the definition of a terrorist? He needs to look in a mirror and see the real terrorist!


7 thoughts on “What If The Expendables Were Real? Goodbye Gaddafi!

  1. You are just a stupid a## for saying our respectable African leader is”psychotic dictator”…i should tell u that u r an a###### who don’t even u think of your own words….B####!!!.

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