Original Beats through Inception? Plausible!

By Kiti Bolea

Article first published as Original Beats Through Inception? Plausible! on Technorati. I published it there first, and here again for my blog readers. Enjoy!

I’ve always wondered whether the world would ever run out of original beats! For the life of me, how do these artists continuously roll out one original hit after another?

I wonder if the legends create their next big hit in their sleep. I’m pretty sure they keep a recorder on their night stand, wake up in the wee hours of the morning, and sing into it whatever they just dreamt up. Which brings me to the next question: Are those beats inserted in their dreams through, oh I don’t know, Inception?

Before you scoff some sarcastic remark, mull it over for a third of a second. I mean, how else do they come up with global hits? Right? If you say ‘because they have talent’, all I can say is: ‘hush puppy – you’re no fun’!

What’s the possibility that there’s some real life Cobb out there, entering the subconscious mind of some unsuspecting artist, planting the shadow of their next global hit? Given our existing technologies, both known and unknown, I reckon its highly plausible!

Every month, I am impressed by the concoction of beats that these artists brew together, and serve to an eager audience, like me!

And every month I crawl the web for the latest hits in the music world (and kill it), and every month I come across a song that momentarily rocks my world! Lately Christina Perri has been tenderly caressing my soul with “Jar of Hearts“.  When I need my Friday night kick, I blast Edward MayaStereo Love“,  and when I’m shooting daggers I scream along to Chicken Foot’sLearning to Fall“.

If I were Cobb, and I’m not, but if I were, I’d hop onto my private jet, fly on over to Bono’s abode, and bombard his brains with global smashes! Don’t know about you, but I’m dying for more U2!

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