Red Alert – The Madness Is Spreading!

By Kiti Bolea

Has anyone noticed this global state of mental mania we’re all currently experiencing? Issues that have grabbed you by the proverbial balls and squeezed! Funny thing is, you couldn’t have given a rats ass two seconds ago. I swear it’s some kind of undiscovered epidemic, worming its way through to us that spend half our lives on the internet, and the other half on our phones.

Starve a demographic off something essential, like free speech, or a teen heartthrob, and you’ve got unavoidable mayhem. The two most widespread epidemics gripping the world right now are:

1. The fight for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa; and

2. Bieber Fever!

Thats a fact so keep your pants on!

Like it or not, this is reality!

Lets talk about these pro-democracy uprisings for a minute. So, which countries have jumped on the democracy bandwagon lately? Lets see: Egypt (of course), Bahrain (anyone tried to find them on the map..and failed..yep their island’s that small), Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco. Then there are those that are still trying to decide whether they are coming or going: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Sudan, Mauritania, Kuwait, and Somalia.

Lets put that on a map, shall we.

Red marks the bloodshed in the name of democracy!

Get the picture?

Why are these autocratic Hitler worshipers hell bent on being remembered as tyrants, who would rather kill their own people, rather than let the course of democracy take place? Does disillusionment go hand in hand with being a dick (short for dictator)!

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I fought for anything I believed in (apart from control of the TV remote), which is why I deeply admire these pro-democracy fighters.

Next up: Bieber Fever. Apparently, you don’t have to be hitting puberty to be a Bieliber! I’ve never seen this kind of madness, since..well..never!

Checked out a YouTube video of his on court skills at the NBA All Star game yesterday. What caught my attention was not so much his commendable athletic skills, but more the 5000+ dislikes for the snippet! Why so much hate?

Nice shoes!

Luckily for me, I have one heck of an immune system, so haven’t fallen sick with Bieber fever…yet! You have to admit though, this kid is one heck of a talented individual, and one hell of a hard worker. And while most celebs float on their cloud of ‘I’m too cool for my fans’, little MR Hardworker bends over backwards to acknowledge his fans (eyeballing his 7,472,346 million twitter followers)!

And while we fight over who loves or hates Justin, people are being killed off in Libya. Just a little perspective for you.

Special Epidemic Mention: Mother Monster! Hands up all you little monsters out there!



2 thoughts on “Red Alert – The Madness Is Spreading!

  1. Nice post!

    No hate for Bieber here (although I am a guy who values and encourages other guys to have their testosterone levels checked). My only (minor) gripe about him winning the Celebrity All-Star game MVP is how he was outplayed by teammate (and former NBA player LOL) Scottie Pippen.

    It’s only the celeb. game, but I still invoked my personal “Complain Clause” over the Bieber/MVP topic, however. 😀

    1. Thanks 🙂 Speaking of the lack of testosterone, could that be the reason for the widely publicized hair cut??!! As proof that he is in fact a guy!! 😉 Never underestimate the power of overly obsessed teenage girls!! They’d elect him president if they could!

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