Is it unthinkable for cheerleaders to cover up?

By Kiti Bolea

Can someone, anyone, please enlighten me. Is there an unwritten rule in some golden book of cheer leading that all cheerleaders must only cover the ‘essentials’, and bare the rest?

Here’s what led me to that trail of thought.

Last night, while watching one of my favorite sports teams play a rather dismal opening game of the 2011 season, and lose, the bad loser in me started surfacing. So I screamed at the ref, at the zombie spectators, at the players, at the stupid sideline ads, at the bench..and went on a full on psychotic verbal rampage aimed at my TV.

So after hurling comforting slurs, and watching yet another ridiculous penalty given away, I spotted some half naked women practically frozen on the sideline. Which momentarily distracted me from the shocker of a game being played.

Every single person in that stadium, minus the players, where covered head to toe in warm clothes. Yes, it was flipping cold, and there were some in the stadium that brought their blankets.

Not these ladies. Wonder if anyone else noticed those frowns frozen on like The Jokers wacky grin. I like to think that women have that sixth sense called common sense. Obviously these girls missed out completely! Is it such a crime to cover up and still be sexy and have a kick-butt routine?

How can you even begin to lead the cheering when your ass is frozen over? Beauty really is pain!


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