Rihanna – S&M

Rihanna’s latest global hit S&M. Let me know what you think of the clip. BTW S&M stands for Sadism and Masocism or sadomasochism.


5 thoughts on “Rihanna – S&M

  1. Haha, another ‘masterpiece’ that will appeal to everybody from my sex-crazed generation.

    Random comment (and question): well, Rihanna has been on the scene since the summer of 2005. My random comment? Her butt has gotten a hell of a lot bigger over the years! Not sure if it’s the American food or what, but when the “Pon de Replay” song and video released, she had a small derriere! Nearly six years later and she has a little somethin’ somethin’ called a “ba-donka-donk”.

      1. I agree! I think you should do it! I mean, her behind was so tiny in the “Pon de Replay” video. Not sure about the release of “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” music video from back in late ’05/early ’06.

        I’d be intrigued to read the in-depth analysis.

        After all, your blog is my daily dose of what’s going on pop culture-wise. It’s excellent. Keep up the awesome work! This blog has a lot of potential.

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