A Donkey, A Carrot, And An Egyptian Dictator

By Kiti Bolea

If there was ever a good metaphor for premature ejaculation, this was it! A nation uplifted by beautiful rumors of the resignation of their beloved dictator, breaming with unchecked confidence that the man with the plan was a goner. Even the powers that be in the U.S. capital where supporting a smooth and peaceful transition.

All the hype, all the speculation, all the rumors, for what? Just another rehash of earlier ramblings by a stubborn old man on an ego trip brazenly taking his country along for the ride.

Was this his way of telling President Obama to go shove it? Why go through all this horse play? So that he can prerecord it, sit back and watch the people of Egypt and the world explode in outrage? Was it a mere catalyst to enrage the Egyptians into violence, and thus mobilize the army to use excessive force to stop the uprising?

Unfortunately, this Egypt situation mirrors the analogy of the donkey and the carrot. Throw in an Egyption dictator, and we’ve got a biblical parable. Question is, how does it all end?

This is a revolution by the people, for the people, without influence by foreign policy or agenda. Which is why the eyes of the world are focused on this ancient civilization.

One things certain…he won’t be getting any Valentine gifts, that’s for sure!


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