Warning: Smoking Causes Presidential Stress!

By Kiti Bolea

To all those Presidents out there who are hoping to follow in Obama’s steps and quit smoking, here’s a quick note: Smoking Causes Presidential Stress!

If thats not enough to kick the habit, it also causes wrinkles, and some other minor stuff like lung/heart/throat/mouth cancer. Possible heart disease, but thats no biggie!

Here’s something fun to do: Tell your partner if they kick the habit, they can then run for president. That’s apparently what President Obama told his wife, that he would quit the ciggs if she would let him run. Pretty good motivation if you ask me!

Did he hold up his end of the bargain? 95% of the time. So what does that mean? Is he sneaking a fag in between breaks while addressing his Chief of Staff? Does he do a slow drag while having lunch with the Speaker of the House? Does he ask his people in a friendly, but deadly serious way, to ‘keep this quiet’?

Great! Now all this talk of smoking is giving me the itch.

Be right back..smoke break!


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