Glee vs Suckerfish

By Kiti Bolea

Back in the first decade of the 21st century, glee was just a word. Fast forward a couple of years and every time someone so much as breathes the word, we picture a bunch of vocally talented teenage misfits, going through the ‘joys’ of puberty, while expressing their emotions through music. And Sue Sylvester of course.

While everyone has their love/hate relationship with the series, I can’t help comparing them with suckerfish or remora. You know those little scavengers that leech onto sharks, whales etc. The big fish do all the hard work, while these little motherlovers get all the yummy benefits, plus free transport.

Take that analogy, and slap it on the face of Glee. The big fish are those artists that have slaved, night and day for lengthy periods, trying to create that global hit. Then we have the suckerfish, aka Glee people, who go ‘Thanks for all the hard work, here’s my version and I’m going to be famous!’ Boo!!

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional episode. And there’s always the argument that the artists are benefiting because their hits are being resurrected..hallelujah! And yeah if I was Christopher Cross, then Glee would be my musical Jesus. Which ties in with the belief that some pairings of suckerfish and their host are actually mutually beneficial, where they clean bacteria and other parasites from the host.

But where do artists draw the line to these Glee people ass raping their songs? How about now that Glee wants to do Katy Perry’s Firework, that was just released last October! Can I hear a HELL NO! Think of all those kids who have never heard the original ‘I stand by you’ by the Pretenders, or even knew that the Glee version was a remake!

All I can do is watch while these suckers ride the wave of easy pickings. And when realization hits, and it will, I look forward to the day when these artists pull up their pants and say ‘No You Can’t’!


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