Super Bowl..So Who’s Playing Again?

By Kiti Bolea

Mention Super Bowl and I get all giddy with excitement, and frantically start searching the web for….Super Bowl ads! To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a bleeding clue who’s playing this year, and I just don’t give a flying duck!

While many would trade their grandmothers to get a front row ticket to watch a bunch of over padded men sandwich each other, I on the other hand would risk straining my fingers and left eye trolling through YouTube in the hopes that some fellow ad enthusiast had uploaded them.

When I do find those million dollar babies, I sit with giddy excitement, waiting oh so patiently for the video to load, and brace myself for some good old controversial wit, slaved over by marketing geniuses.

You have to admit, those guys up in marketing have their work cut out for them. Imagine trying to throw together something, anything, to impress the pants of the public that have basically ‘been there seen that’!

Which is why these ads are so gobsmakingly juicy, where for just a few seconds, they fight to grab the attention of those grandmother traders, and evoke some kind of deeply buried emotion to make them go ‘hhmm’, while their beer soaked hands gently stroke their credit cards.

Which brings me to wonder, “How do these marketing gurus do it”?

Do they sit in a room, eating Chinese, whilst throwing ideas across the room? Do they sit in silent meditation, willing some mother of a brilliant idea to magically plant itself in the recesses of their brain? Do they brood beside the pool table at their favorite watering hole, artfully picking their buddies brains while they slowly piece together their masterpieces? Do they sit sprawled, but at attention, at the local strippers club, looking for inspiration from Trixy doing unladylike things to the pole? Or do they, like many of us mere mortals, Google it?

It’s about time some money tree out there create a reality TV show on what goes on behind the scenes in creating these pieces. Awesome idea? You bet!


2 thoughts on “Super Bowl..So Who’s Playing Again?

  1. Isn’t marketing great?

    To sweat out all these ideas for the Super Bowl, the grandest stage of them all, is pretty hilarious when you think deeper about it.

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